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Procedural Solutions

Time saver Blender Addons for 3D artists and companies


Save your time and generate 3D surfaces quickly

"I have been working in the area of 3D printing since 2016. I started to develop this add-on for myself, because I wasted a lot of time trying to fill in empty spaces in building designs or create a natural support for a finished model, for example for a fence. As a different shape is required for each model, it was not possible to reuse previous supports. The solution is the QuickField add-on, with the help of which you can create a ground surface of any shape and composition by just a few clicks." Laszlo Satori


About QS3D

QuickSand3D makes time saver Blender Add-ons.


Learn how to design a spike barricade terrain in 15 minutes for free!

If you download this tutorial, you will know how to create a spike barricade in Blender quicker than ever.

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Procedural Soil

$ 69

It can save you time by procedurally generating:

    - Hills for backround

    - Gardens for plants

    - Mounds to support trees, beams, gallows, fences, signposts etc.

    - Dirt around ruins and walls

    - Craters

    - Custom shapes with live edit mode

See how it works by downloading the Quick Barricade Tutorial for free.

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$ 19

Learn how to design a spike barricade terrain in 15 minutes!

In this intermediate lesson, you will learn how to use the QuickField addon to create a spike barricade.

Short chapters will help you to follow the lesson in your own tempo.

  1. Introduction

  2. Prerequisites

  3. Guide

  4. Overview

  5. Install Addon

  6. Turn off Units

  7. Import Vallace

  8. Create Control mesh

  9. Use of QuickField

  10. Create stakes

  11. Fine-tune QuickField 

  12. Finalize and edit details

  13. Optimize

  14. Make a flat bottom

  15. Export

  16. Slice

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Free miniature stl

$ 0

3D printable miniature for your tabletop games.

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